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Insurance Resources & Need-to-Know Information

​   Protect your home or business:

        Safety tips to protect your home or business:   www.disastersafety.org                   (Institute for Business and Home safety)  

        Up-to-date information on fire, electrical, and building safety:   www.nfpa.org      (National Fire Protection Association)

  Disaster Preparedness:

       Are you prepared for an emergency?     www.vaemergency.gov                               (Virginia Department of Emergency Management)

       Information about disasters and tips on how to be prepared:    www.redcross.org    (Red Cross)

       Disaster Relief:     www.redcross.org/about-us/our-work/disaster-relief/                  (Red Cross Disaster Relief)

       Hurricane Preparedness:  www.disastersafety.org/hurricane/                                    (Institute for Business and Home safety) 
              (Under the Institute for Business and Home Safety RESOURCES tab you can find additional information regarding
                earthquakes, floods, hail, plumbing, roofing, thunderstorms, tornados, wildfires and winter weather conditions.)

       Need assistance following a disaster?      www.fema.gov                                          (Federal Emergency Management Agency)

       Access to Disaster Help and Resources:     www.disasterassistance.gov                   (Disaster Assistance)  

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